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My blogs are private just to my fan club members! I can share all my dirty fantasies with you, maybe just tell you something about my life or just let you know how my day was.

More time with you! Date: Dec 10th @ 8:49am EST
Hey there, i know i didnt write much, but i feel like now it s the time to do it. We could get to know eachother better and honestly it feels just right at this time.
Love spending time here but sometimes i feel like i am not good enough for you so i get really upset with myself, feeling really low thats why, everytime you come into my chatroom, i really need your feedback, hate talking to myself and it doesnt feel alright. I need to be loved and spoiled. I m not referring to anything material, sometimes it feels better to receive a kind word than anything else. Love me and i lll love you back! loads of kisses, stay tuned.
My first entry... Date: Jul 21st @ 3:23pm EDT
Hello, hello, you might know who i am or not, so i think i ll have to introduce myself : so, my name is Sasha ( is more like a stage name and if you ll become one of my close friends you might know what's my real name ) i am 20 years old and i m studying foreign languages English major French minor. Knowing all that about me i should start by answering to some standard questions such as, "why are you doing this?" "you are better than this" , firstly, my parents do not support me, i m not coming from a poor family they are quite decent if you ask me, but they have this sort of conservative ideas (such as, as soon as you are 18 you have to make your own way through life) and that made me start working somehow, "why this?" the salaries in my country are very low, so you can't survive having just one job, you ll need at least 3 ( ha ha, funny isnt it?) so, being a student, having to pay for my student loan ( you have to pay it before every year) and the need for food (i can be very ironical when i have the chance, you ll get used to me sooner or later) made me chose this.
So. You found out why this, now, you might want to ask me, if i enjoy it?! Yeah i actually do, is cool to know that there are people with the same interests as you but so far away from where you are, and is even cooler to get the chance to meet them, even virtually, and have a nice conversation with them ( and maybe a little play why not).
So, that would be it for today, i dont want to bore you more than i just did, feel free to write me any messages if you want to, or send me tweets on my Twitter account, i ll update the blog with my usual schedule as soon as i can. Big kiss and bigger hug from Sasha, ( and if you are wondering,yes i am real).

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