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My blogs are private just to my fan club members! I can share all my dirty fantasies with you, maybe just tell you something about my life or just let you know how my day was.

My new hobby, travelling. Date: Feb 15th @ 5:31pm EST
So i decided to write a blog about my last trip that i had but i somehow managed to postpone it . Now that i found some time off, i thought i would delight you with the story of it.
Cuba, this is the destination that i picked this time, thinking it would be the perfect place where i can relax for 8 days away from the Romanian cold in January.
Arriving at my destination, i realized i m not that lucky, the weather was so windy, all the leaves from the palm trees at the resort i was staying were moving like crazy.
My travel agent knew from the beginning that i am some sort of a party animal but she considered i would go along with the 70 aged people that decided to go on a vacation to Cuba as well. Basically i was the youngest hot woman around the resort, giving heart attacks to the most elderly men there.
Having an all inclusive package, alcohol was the last thing that would have helped me in that situation.
The weather got more sunny and i eventually managed to get a bit of a fair tan, but not too much.
I have also visited Havana, a nice old city that needs lots of improvements.
I took a ride in an old Oldsmobile which was pretty cool.
The only thing that frustrated me the most was the fact that the wages there were around 20-30$ and all the money was made in the black market and although the wages were small, everything else mostly for tourists were damn expensive.
After all, i've spent some days in a warmer area, learnt about other people's life style and culture and almost turned myself into an alcoholic LOL, which in the end was a good experience.
Help me out to pick my next destination! :)
New rules... or just good manners. Date: Dec 5th @ 4:29pm EST
It's been a while since i wrote on here, and i thought this might be the right time.
I know not everyone reads this so this might go to people who already respect me as a person, and really behave in my chatroom.
I just want to make clear some things that i dont know if i have ever did.
First of all i want to mention all the people that stay in my room, and never reply to my greeting, yes, my greeting not the bot that says Hello... bla bla bla.
It s me speaking, me taking time to greet you, you could at least do the same. I really dont want to offend anyone by saying this but it really matters to me and my well being. I just want to have a happy, entertaining room on here. That s what i aspire too.
The second thing i would like to approach is the fact that i want a clean open chat, i love when i get whispers, but i am sure we can all socialize in open chat. Wouldnt it be boring if no one would speak in chat and everyone would just whisper? I think so. Let's get all to know eachother, maybe you re gonna get a friend around here.
I tottaly understand people that are way too shy to talk in open, but i dont think everyone is just like that. :)
Anyway, if you are reading this, spread the word and thank you for taking your time to do this for me, i m really greatful.
Once again, i would be nothing without you guys on here!
Love and kisses!
News alert. Date: Sep 29th @ 1:43pm EDT
I dont know if you have been lately in my room and if you know how things work recently but you will find out now.
First of all there is a raffle going on until the 1st of October which it's winner will get 20 free minutes with me. Its all about the luck. With only 50 credits you can win 20 minutes.
Of course the draw show is in the calendar where you can find out the hour of it. I have decided to have once a month a raffle and giveaway free minutes, it's a great opportunity to get to know you better and so on.
The next thing that i have updated recently is my fanclub, it is on and growing, each day i am uploading pictures and a couple of videos are on the way. As a reward for my fanclub members i giveaway two free shows a month. (Believe me, it's worth it).
Snapchat is available too and it's a great thing if you want to talk to me 24/7 and get really close to me, i would really love to have you all on there so we can share how the day looks for all of us.
My schedule is updated each week and i kinda stick to it , so you know when i will be on here.
Now that you know all these, it's your turn to open yourself to me so we can get close, i love to meet new people and make new friends so we should get it going.
See you soon! Sasha
I really hate it when... Date: Sep 18th @ 5:26pm EDT
...people are rude... The thing that i hate the most is when people hate on you on here. Why would you hate on someone who is better than you? Or why would you hate on someone who did nothing wrong to you?
Regarding my room, why do always people come here for free entertainment? You even pay for TV subscription, why wouldnt you pay for me too?
If you appreciate me as a person 1$ and a "hello" is not such a big thing, no one is asking you to spend millions.
Again, manners matter, especially in my room :) LEARN THEM, USE THEM!
I had better days... Date: Sep 4th @ 2:09pm EDT
Today's match. Date: Sep 1st @ 1:51pm EDT
Where are you?! Date: Aug 30th @ 8:23pm EDT
I have been wondering where is everyone today, you either got so bored with my face that you are not coming around, or aliens have took you away.
So many new faces, so many 'not so nice guys' ;it s either me, or something s really wrong with the community tonight.
I need your love ;) i need your sweet words. Spread the love, sharing is caring.
Anyway, my schedule is up and updated, i usually try to respect it so let's see eachother in my room, Let the Kinky times begin!

PS: There s a tip target active, i would love to have my first one ever completed. As you know i am saving for a photoshoot (suggestions are welcome) it's gonna be mental, promise!

Kiiroo and Ohmibod. Date: Feb 17th @ 2:33am EST
So Kiiroo "Pearl" and Ohmibod are the two sex toys that i have at the moment and that i use on cam. (i know i m a geek, too much cybersex ) I want to share my experiences with both of them. Firstly the Pearl, which i adore as a vibrator, it makes me climb my walls out of pleasure, has 6 patterns of vibrations ( i can use only the 1st level lol) and it had given to me million of orgasms until now; it's an interactive sex toy which you can connect to a male masturbator and make the other feel whatever you do on it; using it with the application itself, connected to an Onyx, i cant tell i m as satisfied, many of you told me that one can not feel every move just like it is, especially during vaginal penetration. I can say it works the best for handjobs and blowjobs, it might work well with vaginal penetration too if i would go mental on it, which i can not ( i m making love, not brutal sex here lol) .
Regarding to Ohmibod Club Vibe , i must say i m pretty satisfied with it. It vibrates on the sound of tipping ( or any other sounds, eg. voice, music) but it goes off after 10 minutes of inactivity and i have to start it all over so that's why i need to know when you are about to use it so i would make sure it is on and willing to pleasure the "pearl" of my vagina :D
Thanks for reading this further, i will explain it more if you are interested , in my chatroom, x.
Hmm, feedback after today's session. Date: Feb 17th @ 2:22am EST
So i would love to share my thoughts and feelings with you once more. Sometimes i find it really difficult to be a camgirl sometimes isn't, the thing is that i think i should find the right balance between those too. The balance is you...Is wierd though because the most difficult thing is the people that i am interacting with. Some of them seem to be reaaally nice, with manners i could say, but the others... i dont want to believe they are unmannered, they just want to see me at my worst maybe :D anyway. I think i should make a to do list for my chatroom ;) . I ll be working on that!
Simply wow! Date: Feb 7th @ 5:30pm EST

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